T’was The Night Before Christmas Boudoir Remix

Twas the night before Christmas and my bombshell awaits.

She’s been putting it off: “I’m not perfect, I’ll wait.”

Her body had flaws – it was all that she knew.

Oh I hope she can see herself the way that I do.

Her flaws aren’t real flaws, she’s a beauty – I see.

But her vision is jaded from unrealistic society.

Lets dress her in leather, in satin, and lace…

And my camera will capture her soft, gorgeous face.

When what?  – she decided to let her guard down..

That hair, no the make up, her wardrobe, that crown!

She poses and sprawls with her sensual nature.

Against the pane window – that feminine figure.

The light captures features she’d forgotten were there.

Her form, her physique, her soft eyes, her mussed hair.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear?

She’s a rock star, a model, a BOMBSHELL my dear!

Her eyes are now brighter, her gaze is now bold.

Her flaws, nor her age- neither matter- She’s GOLD.

More rapid than fire, her energy immersed.

I adore her new freedom, but for her it’s a first.

Hey Gorgeous! Hey badass! That Goddess! That Model!

She’s fire. She’s lightning. She’s hot. She’s a bombshell!

From my green velvet couch to the tall golden mirror,

I will capture her beauty. My God, do you see her?

As her confidence builds -she feels poise. She feels strong.

And she shakes her own head that she’d waited so long.

Step up in those Louie’s. Arch your back! Tilt your chin.

Now enjoy yourself. Laugh. Show that smile, that grin.

And then, in a moment, I heard my girl say..

“I can’t believe this is me, I never saw myself that way.”

From behind my camera, I can see her new face.

Projecting elegance, style, empowerment, grace.

How she’s dressed, while it’s sexy, isn’t what makes her glow.

It’s that new sudden shift. It’s a new her, she knows.

That sass in her smirk, and that pout in her lips.

The way that she caresses her hands on her hips.

Her eyes how they twinkle – those lashes so lush.

The way that she shines, oh, I love this so much!

 When she walked in my studio, it was no doubt to see

That she’d been telling herself the things she couldn’t be.

“You’re not perfect, you’re flawed, too thin or too thick”.

Oh the lies that we tell ourselves just make me sick.

Come look here, my goddess, this image is you!

And no, it’s just not me believing it’s true.

There are thousands of women who love how you look.

Aren’t you glad that you stepped on those fears, and just booked!

Now you see who I see from behind my long lens.

Don’t you worry, this isn’t where the newfound you ends.

Stand tall, walk with purpose, and let out a shout

That the real you is beautiful – inside AND out.

Take charge of your life- meaning body and soul.

Do the things that you love. Now be brazen and bold.

My work here is done, our time comes to an end.


You exclaim… “I am beautiful!”


You always have been.

Jillene Mayer-McMichael, Boudoir by Amy Gilmore