Let’s Just Get Out of Our Own Way

Oh. my. gosh, girl... Hvae you seen amy gilmore's boudoir photography page?


“Oh, I could never do that.”

“I don’t look anything like those girls.”

“I would be way too nervous.”

“My stomach is not flat enough.”




More doubt.

And more negative self-talk. 

This is you, isn’t it?

This is the beginning of every excuse that has stopped you from doing anything other than looking at all the beautiful images on the webpage, drooling a little bit, and then just… moving on with your daily routine. 


Well, stop. 

Lean in closer, because I need to share a secret with you…


This is exactly what was going through the minds of every single one of the stunning babes that you’re jealous of on this page!! 

You’re not alone in those thoughts. You’re simply stuck in that negative, narrow-minded societal thinking and, Girl… that’s got to end!

Look at yourself.

No, really… Get up right this second and go look in the mirror!  

Look at those eyes – soulful, sensual, and begging to be seen for everything that’s underneath.

That face – the unique structure of your cheekbones, that nose, that dimple. 

Girl, there’s not one single person that looks just like you.

Every Curve…

From the birth of your newest little one, or from the birth of your now 24-year-old… 

From the decadent dessert of last week, or the favorite meals from the best restaurants where you’ve had your best memories…

Girl those curves are sexy as hell!


That Scar?

You’re a badass warrior. You wouldn’t be sitting here reading this blog if that scar kept you down.


What else have you got?

Throw ’em all at me…

“I’m too shy.”

“I can’t look like that.” 

…How do you know until you try it?

See, every single woman that you see on this page has told themselves all these same things and more. 

But all you see when you look at those pictures are her confidence. Her swagger. Her grace. Her goddess pose. Her sex appeal. 


And I didn’t mention size or any specific physical features at all right there, did I?? 


Because that doesn’t matter one bit.

The only thing you need to do is get out of your own way.


Let me help you.

Because, Girl… the ONLY thing standing between you, and this experience… is the word YES.

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